This is the kind of weekend that DEFINES the term “Bitter Sweet”. Saturday Morning Juliette gets the game winning hit in her softball game with 2 outs and 2 strikes, she delivers the game winning RBI single… she’s so dramatic… The. We got to go watch our niece Adriana perform amazingly in her dance recital. Then Today, Juliette’s 8th Birthday and Edie entered her first horseback riding competition and won the championship for her round! Such an amazing weekend and there is always that massive hole in our hearts because Paulie would have been oh so very very proud of these girls this weekend. He would have been the first one cheering, giving high fives and handing the girls flowers. This is what losing a child to cancer does…. it has robbed us of ever being a complete family again. We know he’s watching over us, I hope smiling and proud and the beautiful young ladies that his sisters are becoming. #pauliestrong #missourboy #morethan4 #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer #prouddaddy #proudmommy #brothersisterlove

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018