It was 3 years ago today that Paul first felt sick, 3 years ago today that EVERYTHING changed. Our heathy 10 year old son was not feeling well and was taken to the dr. At first they thought his appendix had burst but after further tests in the hospital it was confirmed that it was a tumor that had ruptured. We feared the worst and a few days later it was confirmed to be cancer. #rhabdomyosarcoma to be exact. As a parent you feel like it’s your duty and privilege to take care of and protect your family, to protect your children from anything and everything than can harm them. We struggle with this every single day. Cancer stole Paul from us and there was nothing we could to to protect him. It’s a hopeless feeling that kicks us in the gut every day. We love you son, we miss you to no end. Your sisters were robbed of their big brother for the rest of their lives and it’s just so unfair. We play back this week from 3 years ago in our minds over and over and torture ourselves about what we could have done differently but with cancer it’s just so absolutely devastating. Your strength inspires us and keeps us going but the pain will never dull even for a second. We miss you down here buddy. We will never stop fighting for you. We love you Paul. Xoxo. #pauliestrong 🎗

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018