Final Week of The LEGO Drive!! #thepauliestrongfoundation is collecting new @lego sets to donate to the children in treatment at @sloankettering Please consider joining us for this very important cause. LEGOS are one of most in demand items for Pediatric cancer patients as they help them take their minds off of the pain of their cancer and the treatments. Because of their low immune systems, LEGOS cannot be shared between patients so the Hospital goes through them quickly. We hope to supply them a years worth of LEGOS and help put a few smiles on the faces of these amazing kids. LEGO drop off location are still set up at at Greenacres and Heathcote Schools as well as @bmwusa HQ and @shiftdigital1 HQ , contact for more info. #childhoodcancer #rhabdomyosarcoma #morethan4 #awareness #decadesoflifeyearslost #memorialsloanketteringcancercenter #Fundacure

Monday, March 26th, 2018