Dear Paul, Today is a hard one.. Today should be your first day of High School. You should be here for this. We should be giving you advice on how to deal with this big step in your life. I always thought that we would have all the time in the world together. To talk about everything. Your sisters are getting so big and you’d be so proud of them. Edie is starting g her second year of middle school and Juliette starts a new school later this week. They miss you. We all do. Today hurts Paul. For us, your family, your friends and everyone who knew and loved you. We are hosting another event in your honor later this month to raise funding for childhood cancer research. While I can’t believe that this is our life now, I think you would be proud to know that by the end of this month we should reach our first $1,000,000 raised for The PaulieStrong Foundation. We will never stop fighting in your honor. Please keep watching over your sisters and know what hat we love you and miss you so very much. We love you Paul. #pauliestrong #childhoodcancerawareness #morethan4 #stolenfirsttimes #fundacure #mskkids #driveforacure

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019