BREAKING NEWS…. Yesterday we posted a video about our newest Sponsor, @flyfoxtrot and the Helicopter ball drop we at doing following the Golf Portion of this years Drive For A Cure Event. (Go watch the video, it’s pretty cool) Well today CE TECH reached out and joined the Fight against #Childhoodcancer in a BIG, BIG WAY. This amazing company is going to MATCH what we raise for the Helicopter Ball Drop. This means that if we reach our goal of 2,000 golf balls, and raising $20,000 they will match he amount, bringing it to $40,000!!!!! The ball that lands in the hole or closest to it will win 20% of the overall pot. Head over to and enter. You do not need to attend the event to participate in the Helicopter Ball Drop. Thank you CE Tech (Cutting Edge Technologies) and @flyfoxtrot for your generous support in the fight against childhood cancer….. #Pauliestrong #Morethan4 #scarsdale #Helicopters #missourboy #grateful

Friday, August 17th, 2018